Summer maintenance at your school- Summer break is a great time to catch up on projects and tasks that you didn’t have time to finish during the school year. As a facilities manager, the summer months provide an opportunity to assess how the previous school year went and make improvements for the next year. But where do you even begin?


In the fall, kids usually lament how quickly the summer flew by. While your summer may not be as carefree as the kids, you still have to go to work, and without a plan in place, summer time can pass you by just as quickly.

Though each school has its own set of requirements, summer provides an opportunity to finish activities and projects that are just easier to complete in an empty building. While your team may have a process for preparing your school facilities for the beginning of the school year, planning for the summer might be more difficult when you have competing responsibilities.

We put together this list of regular summer maintenance activities for your schools to help you get started and keep your facilities crew focused.


Inventory of assets – Keeping track of the various assets and equipment you manage while dealing with student and staff needs can be difficult. When summer vacation begins, one of the first things you should do is inventory your building’s assets. Managing these assets is an important aspect of your employment, so hitting the reset button to fully understand everything you need to account for and budget for is a wonderful first-summer project.

Optimize preventive maintenance (PM) schedules – Preventive maintenance is critical for keeping maintenance costs low and learning environments safe, but optimizing schedules for your assets takes careful consideration. Did it appear like you were switching filters far too frequently? Have you ever had assets that kept breaking down? Use this time to go over your PM schedules and see what might need to be tweaked. Do you have a PM program in place but don’t know where to start? Summer is an excellent time to begin constructing one in your facility management software.

Deep cleaning – We all know that kids are messy, so let’s just say it. When you cram hundreds of people into a facility for nine months of the year, you end up with structures that require an annual deep clean. Hiring students to work during the summer is a terrific method to finish your cleaning. Don’t forget to clean your HVAC system thoroughly! While it may be difficult to do so while school is in session, cleaning air ducts and filters is an important part of maintaining a healthy learning environment.

Reorder inventory and supplies – Whether you barely made it to the end of the year or have a surplus, go over your parts, tools, and supplies to reorder what you require. Make sure your closets and/or storage room are also well-organized and accessible.

Floor and pavement protection – During the school year, your buildings’ floors take a battering. Examine your facilities and grounds to determine which floors and pavements require further protection.

Testing (air & water) – Summer is an excellent season to conduct air and water quality tests because the building is empty. These tests might help you find out whether there are any issues with your roof, HVAC system, or plumbing.

Upgrade your facilities management software – Summer is a great time for schools to rethink not only their maintenance and operations routines but also their software. Summer is an excellent time to transition to a new facilities management software because you’ll have more time to implement and train before you’re bombarded with 20 teacher demands every day.

Don’t let this summer pass you by

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